Saturday, 21 January 2017

403 Firstly, I greeted the Lord of the house [Jesus in the Eucharist],

and then I went to greet the whole community. 404 When I entered the chapel to say goodnight to the Lord before retiring, and apologised for having talked so little to Him when I was at home, I heard a voice within my soul, I am very pleased that you had not been talking with Me, but were making My goodness known to souls and rousing them to love Me. 

Thursday, 19 January 2017

397 That morning I arrived in Warsaw, and at eight o'clock that evening I was already at home.

What a joy it was for my parents and for the whole family! It is difficult to describe it. (167) My mother‟s health had improved a bit, but the doctor gave no hope of complete recovery. After greeting each other, we knelt down to thank God for the grace of being able to be together once again in this life. 398 When I saw how my father prayed, I was very much ashamed that, after so many years in the convent, I was not able to pray with such sincerity and fervour. And so I never cease thanking God for such parents.